Wednesday 19 August 2020

Why farmers life is at risk due to Pesticides?


In India, due to pesticides and insecticides use the life of a farmer is under risk.  Dr. Shekhar of Vaishampayan Memorial Government Medical College (VMGMC), Maharashtra, has been witnessing increasing cases of pesticide poisoning among farmers between July and October in his hospital for the last three years. This season is of cotton cultivation. In Maharashtra, farmers and their families are most vulnerable due to the high use of pesticides in cotton farming.

The farmer purchases on the advice of the regional shopkeeper. At the same time, scientists and pesticide companies associated with many government institutions say that if the farmers use these pesticides within the prescribed limit, then they are not dangerous. Only 20% of farmers in India know about the use of pesticides from agricultural authorities, 80% are unreliable sources. 

The central govt has banned the 27 chemicals in recent months. Now the Punjab govt also banned 9 chemicals. These are the most effective salts or products that can affect human health.

There is a time for every pesticide to be applied, after which the farmer should harvest the crop only after waiting for a certain time. Pesticides applied to fruits and vegetables are more dangerous. 30% goes to pesticides, only 30% of pesticides go to insects or crops during spraying of crop or insect, 70% is left in the air. Farmers are the first to come under the grip of diseases like cancer, yet the opposite effect of pesticides is attributed to the first careless farmer.

Farmers in India added more pesticides due to a lack of information, causing damage. But why did pesticides have to be banned in the countries of America or Europe? Have to understand, farming is not just for the market, it is also for the food. The Green Revolution was brought by the farmers, now the organic revolution will come from the consumers. Consumer demand for safe foods. 

Central and State govt can promote the farmers towards organic farming. They should promote the organic produce of farmers so farmers can easily sell their produce at a good price. Organic farming is better for the next generation. India was a big hub of organic farming before independence and after independence but when the urea and other chemicals took his step in farming and destroy the method and quality of our main agriculture produce. 

Today we are going in that way where we can earn more profit but not thinking about quality. I'm not blaming the farmer for this because if govt allow to manufacture the product to the company than they have to sell for profit. We have to think about our health once more. 

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