Friday 21 August 2020

Today Mandi Will be closed in these states?

Mandi Closed
Mandi and farmers

Mandis in Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, and Chandigarh will be completely closed on August 21, 2020, in protest against the new ordinance of the Central Government. If the government does not withdraw its adhering and anti-farmer decree then after that the Mandis will be closed indefinitely from October all over the country. Traders, farmers, and laborers will take to the streets to oppose the central government.

There was a call for the agitation farmers to shut down the agricultural produce market on August 21 after the government did not hear any kind of demands from the farmers with the Indian Farmers Union.

On this, District President Jassa Ram Chaudhary on meeting with the officials of Agriculture Produce Market and giving memorandum, Chairman of Agriculture Produce Market, Moolchand Bhati, Vice President Jagbir Chhaba and other officials Umed Singh Rajpurohit, Hariram Dharania, Bhojraj Saraswat, Nritya Gopal Mittal fully completed the Agricultural Produce Market Consented to keep it closed.

On the call of Rajasthan Foodstuff Association Jaipur by the District Grain Trade Association, a day off mandi work has been announced on Friday. Grain trade association president Hansraj Kotadia, Mandi trade union president Veerchand Wadera, Mandi Traders Development Committee's Arun Wadera issued a joint communiqué that the ordinance issued by the central government on June 5, 2020, out of Mandi's trade Mandi tax, sass,  etc. have been abolished on the taxpayers. All the traders working in the mandi will be taxed by the state government, tax like Mandi, Sais and farmers' welfare, etc. A decision has been taken to keep the entire one-day agriculture market closed against such legislation.

At the same time, traders, including all the officials of the agricultural market, have urged all the peasant brothers that on August 21, no farmer should come to the agricultural produce market to sell goods.

Also, In Haryana State farmers and traders have on strike against govt Ordinance. Today in Karnal, Farmers Union and farmers against govt ordinance. 

Lets us see what will be the final govt decision on these ordinances. What is the Reason Behind this?

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