Sunday, 9 August 2020

Urad (Black gram) Farming Method Changed?

The way of farming of Urad changed, the agriculture department will also motivate the farmers on getting good production from the cultivation of ridges and furrow method


The Department of Agriculture has changed the way of farming of the Urd. The department has made garbage on its own farm and has sown the Urd. If the production is good through this method, then farmers will also be motivated to cultivate the same way. When the field fills water, the crop gets spoiled. Due to which the farmers suffer heavy losses. This time, the officials of the Department of Agriculture have changed the method of sowing.

District Agriculture Officer Vinod Kumar has sown Urad by adopting the litter method in one acre in the state agricultural sector Bargain. Through this method water will not be filled in the field, water will flow through the drains. If the production gets more by this method, then the farmers will also be motivated to cultivate the Urad using the litter method. District Agriculture Officer Vinod Kumar told that farmers can save crops from crop failure by harvesting rainwater by cultivating Urad with the litter method. This time, the department has cultivated Urad with the litter method.

If the Govt will motivate the farmers and educate them for farming in new technology then it is a big benefit for farmers and they can protect their crops from a big loss which is due to weather. But more than this govt have to more focus on crop prices. The farmers have to face a big problem than technology which is the rate of crop i.e MSP. Govt should buy the crop at minimum MSP but if we see the current situation than farmers forced to sell his crop below the MSP level.

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