Thursday 6 August 2020

White fly attack over Cotton Crop

Cotton whitefly
Whitefly in cotton

After a long time, farmers have to face a big problem in cotton crops due to the whitefly insect. Cotton growing farmers were very happy to see the crop health before a few weeks ago but now whitefly is a major problem in cotton-growing farmers.

Identification of whitefly?

They have three stages Nymph, Pupa, and Adult. In Nymph they were greenish-yellow with an oval outline and when reaching the Pupa stage they preset at under surface of leaves and finally at an Adult stage the insect body is yellow with white bloom fly.

Symptoms of damage?

On the leaves chlorotic spots and irregular yellowing of leaves tissue. After some days the leaves and veins were dying and defoliation of leaves. When the pests population is high its damages the whole crop from 15-25 percent loss in yield. The bools and buds of crop poor in growth and opening. And transmit the plants leaves into leaf curl virus.  

More About whitefly and favorable conditions you can watch this video

This pest mostly attacks at high humidity and high-temperature areas like Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan and some parts of Maharashtra. Whitefly attacks those cotton crops where low rainfall occurs in monsoon season. They can not manage easily if the population is 10 per leaf. We have to manage them with the chemical methods. But it can be controlled by organically like a spray of neem oil-based products.

Management of Whitefly

They can be controlled by spraying anyone below insecticides.
Acetamiprid 1g/l 
Ulala( Flamicamid) 80gram/Acre
Lano(Phyrifoxifen) 400-500 ml/Acre
Polo( Difenthorofen) 20g/acre
Acephate+ Imida
SLR 525

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