Saturday 15 August 2020

Punjab Govt Banned more Agro-chemicals

Punjab Govt bann Agrochemicals
Punjab CM Banned Agro Chemicals

In India and the international market, there are different agrochemicals products which are used by the farmers. Now govt had started the testing and monitoring the chemicals. Before 2 months Govt had banned 27 products and now Punjab Govt had banned some agrochemicals.

Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh on Friday ordered a ban on the sale and use of 9 agrochemicals in the state. It came to the notice of the Agriculture Department that despite being harmful to the quality of paddy, it is still being used by farmers, after which the Chief Minister issued these orders.

The purpose of this ban is to save the quality of paddy, which is very important for the export and profitable price of paddy in the international market. The Chief Minister, who also has an agriculture department, has approved the ban on 9 agrochemicals under the Pesticides Act with immediate effect. These include acephate, triazophos, thiamethoxam, carbendazim, tricyclazole, bufrozen, carbofuran, propiconazole, and thiophene methyl. These are the most used chemicals in paddy cultivation and Punjab is in the most growing states in India. 

According to the orders, the sale, storage, distribution, and use of theses pesticides have been banned. The Chief Minister asked Agriculture Secretary KS Pannu to issue detailed instructions in this regard to the Agriculture Director to ensure strict implementation of the ban imposed by the state government laboratories after issuing sample testing.

Pannu said that these agrochemicals are not good in the interest of farmers, as a result of which quality is affected and the pesticide content in rice is higher than the level of maximum share (MRL) fixed by the government. The danger remains.

Secretary said that the Agriculture Department has been campaigning for the last two years to apprise farmers and pesticide dealers about the ill effects of human health on the use of such chemicals. The Punjab Rice Millers and Exports Association has also taken up the case that in different samples basmati rice, these pesticide fractions have been found to be much higher than the prescribed MRL.

We just thought if these types of insecticides and pesticides were harmful to humans than why the govt is approving the chemicals.  Govt should check the sample before launching the product and reach it to farmers. If they want to close the pesticide's use and promote organic farming than they should provide a good price of organic farmers. 

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