Monday 24 August 2020

Online Registration For Paddy Procurement

Paddy Registration
Paddy Procurement Registration

Uttar Pradesh Govt will buy the paddy from the farmers. And the registration for paddy is going to start. Farmers can sell their paddy at MSP to Uttar Pradesh Govt. 

Procedure for Selling the Paddy

Farmers must fulfill the terms and conditions of Uttar Pradesh govt. They have to register on an online portal and submit their details.  They can be registered online from home or near any cyber cafe. In this govt active the OTP system at registration. The farmer will provide or link their land and crop details in this portal. And Uttar Pradesh Govt said the amount of selling will be directly sent to farmers linked account number within 72 hours. 

Rate of Paddy

The Uttar Pradesh Govt will buy at MSP which is Rs. 1868 for common 2020-2021 and Grade A Rs. 1888 for 2020-2021.

Step by Step Important Information for Farmer Registration 

  • It is mandatory to follow step 1 to step 6 above to apply for farmer registration.
  • Please download and print "Step 1. Registration Form" before registering the farmer online and after checking the printed format, fill the necessary information and arrange for a soft copy of the required attachments as mentioned below.
  • It is mandatory to give details of all the land used for the crop (paddy) in farmer registration.
  • It is mandatory to fill the Khatauni / account number, plot / Khasra number, acreage of land (in hectare), and crop area (in hectare) along with land details.
  • It is mandatory to fill the Aadhaar number.
  • After filling the "Step 1. Registration Form", enter the online application with the option of "Step 2. Registration Form".

  • On filing the online application, note the "Registration Number" and print the draft application form from "Step 3. Registration Draft".
  • Re-inspect all the points recorded in the registration draft. Registration draft can be reprinted by giving registration number and mobile number.
  • After inspection of all the points recorded in the application, if any amendment is required, the application can be amended by giving the registration number and mobile number from "Step 4. Registration Amendment".
  • If no error is found after inspecting the application, then lock the application with the option of "Step 5. Registration Lock".
  • After the application is locked, no modification in it will be possible from any level.
  • After the application is locked, take the final print of the application and secure it with the option of "Step 6. Registration Final Print".
  • Till the time the application is not locked, the farmer registration will not be accepted.

Document Required 

  • Please attach the following form to the registration form and take it to the purchase center at the time of paddy sale: -
  • Computerized Khatauni/ Landholding details /account number
  • Aadharcard/ Voter card
  • Photocopy of the first page of the bank passbook (containing the details of the account holder)
  • An updated passport size photo

How to apply 

The farmers who had registered for the wheat crop did not have to register again they just update their data. 

Starting date and last date online Registration  

The online application date for paddy registration for Western UP is 1-10-2020 to 31-01-2021.
The online registration for Kharif paddy 2020 in Eastern UP is 01-11-2020 to 28-02-2021.

For more information, farmers can call 1800-1800-150.

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