Monday 3 August 2020

Rs 30.39 crore was released to the farmers to compensate the crop loss

2019-20 Wheat loss claim
Wheat Crop Damage

Despite the good monsoon in the year 2019-20 in the country, due to unseasonal rains and hailstorms in many states, the crops of farmers were severely damaged. Compensation for crop loss is being distributed to farmers in different states under the scheme.

The farmers whose crops were insured are being compensated under the Pardhan Mantri Fasal Insurance Scheme. Haryana's Agriculture and Farmers Welfare and Animal Husbandry Minister JP Dalal said that under the leadership of Chief Minister Mr. Manohar Lal, the State Government has taken every decision in the interest of farmers immediately, under which compensation of Rs 30.39 crore was released to the farmers to compensate the crop loss.

He said that more than Rs 30 crore 39 lakh 75 thousand has been released to compensate for the rains and hailstorms of Kharif and Rabi crops of October 2019-20. Due to untimely rains and hail storms, crops of wheat, mustard, etc. were affected. Special compensation of affected crops was done by the state government on the basis of which this compensation amount has been released.

Also read, farmers can easily take loans from these loan fairs provided by banks, compensation for crop losses given to the farmers of these districts, Minister JP Dalal gave a piece of detailed information that in this amount 14 crores 66 for the farmers of Bhiwani district Lakh 40 thousand rupees, 7 crores 28 lakh 49 thousand for the farmers of Rohtak district, 7 crores 56 lakh 18 thousand for Mahendragarh district and 88 lakh 67 thousand rupees for the farmers of Yamunanagar district. 

Mr. Dalal said that the crops were affected in 6235 acres of farmers of various villages under Loharu and Tosham subdivisions of the Bhiwani district due to the problems. Those villages include Kasani Kala, Kasani Khurd, Surpura Kala, and Surpura Khurd, Sidhanwan, Serla, Gopalwas, Hariwas, and Mandoli Kala villages.

We hope this amount of insurance will help the farmer during the corona time. Also, expect that the crop insurance will provide soon to other state farmers who were waiting for a long time. The crop insurance compensation process is too slow and govt has to boost this type of work during the crop life period/cycle.  

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