Saturday 29 August 2020

Farmers worried about the cotton health?


Farmers have no choice to wait and watch. Once they were waiting for rain now the situation is their crop is affecting due to excess rain in some areas. But, Till now in some areas, the low rainfall occurs and farmers' crops are under pest infection. And the crop health is decreasing day by day and the leaves of cotton were drying and dropping.

Due to crop diseases in the cotton crop in the region, the crop of the farmers has deteriorated.

Cotton boll has also deteriorated due to rain. This time cotton has been grown on 5950 hectares in the area. While millet on 21300 hectares. The cotton crop is deteriorating due to frequent rains and disease. The farmers have demanded the government to conduct the survey. Farmers who have got their crop insured are also demanding that their cotton crop be compensated.

The different cotton farmers' thoughts -The cotton grass has deteriorated due to excess rainfall. Cotton and cotton have turned black inside the grasshoppers. It is raining right now. At the same time, the cotton docks are cooked. Therefore, there has been a huge loss in their cotton.

The cotton crop of the entire field is drying up. It has become a disease. His crop is insured. The survey should be done by sending the company here and they should be given appropriate compensation.

This time there was a possibility of better yields that cotton suddenly developed the disease. At the same time, the crop has also suffered damage. The standing crop has dried up. The government has demanded that due survey be given appropriate compensation.

Problems behind this and the solution 

This type of problem occurs every year after rain. If the crop dries with immediate effect, it can also be a disease called built. Prevention is possible only by spraying the medicine. For more details, you can watch this video. Symptoms and management and many more about the blight.

Management of Blight in cotton- Farmers have advised the management of blight can control by applying copper oxychloride and streptomycin. Or farmers can use the mixture of mancozeb + Copper oxychloride. 

Cotton plants were dying and leaves were drying and dropping-   

There can be many other reasons behind this disease. Such as whitefly mealybug, juice sucking insects, Teela, etc. This is also caused by a disease in cotton. The roots of cotton are not very deep, at this time the grasshoppers get more in cotton and more dose is needed. You can watch this video if the cotton leaves are curling and blacking. This video will help you to provide all details about the cotton plants. 

Management of whiteflies in cotton?

They can be controlled by spraying Regor, confidor, SLR 525, Polo, Lano, and Ulala, many more insecticides. But we if we see the best salt for the management of cotton whitefly by imidacloprid, Fipronil, thiomaximum, dimethoate, Difenuthuron, and Phyrifoxifen, etc.

If the cotton plants have did not any type of above symptoms then we can say that the crop has a nutrient deficiency. How to identified and management of nutrient symptoms in cotton by watching this video.  These videos are were for farmers to understand the symptoms and prevent their crops from different pests and diseases. Plants dry up due to the non-availability of high doses. In such a situation, farmers are advised to spray NPK. It is the most common nutrient requirement for the crop. 

Nutrient Deficiency symptoms in cotton you can watch from here

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