Thursday, 27 August 2020

The Kharif area of Paddy and Cotton Increased 2020-21

According to the Govt of India, the sowing of Kharif crops are increased. The area of sowing is increase due to the good rainfall in different states during 2020-21. 

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The area of Paddy till 21-08-2020 as follows 

About 378.32 lakh ha under the rice has been reported compared to last year 338.65 lakh ha. Thus the 39.67 lakh ha has been covered compared to last year. Higher are is reported from the States of Telangana10.54 lakh, Bihar 5.99 lakh, Madhya Pradesh 5.95 lakh ha, Jharkhand 5.86 lakh ha, West Bengal 4.48 lakh ha, Odisha 3.16 lakh ha,  Karnataka 2.18 lakh ha, Maharashtra 1.21 lakh ha, Tamilnadu 1.16 lakh ha,  Chattisgarh 1.01 lakh ha, Rajasthan 0.26 lakh ha, Andhra Pradesh 0.26 lakh ha, Haryana 0.25 lakh ha, Manipur 0.22 lakh ha, Uttar Pradesh 0.12 lakh ha, Gujrat 0.10 lakh ha, Assam 0.08 lakh ha, Jammu and Kashmir 0.01 lakh ha and Sikkim also 0.01 lakh ha. 

In some states the area has been decreased reported as Punjab 1.78 lakh ha, Tripura 1.23 lakh ha, Nagaland 0.15 lakh ha, Kerala 0.01 lakh ha, and Himachal Pradesh 0.01 lakh ha till 21.08.2020.

The area of cotton till 21.08.2020 as follows

About 127.67 lakh ha area coverage under cotton has been reported compared to last year 123.54 lakh ha. Thus 4.15 lakh ha more area has been covered to last year. The higher area is reported from the states of Telangana 6.11 lakh ha, Karnatak 1.68 lakh ha, Punjab 0.99 lakh ha, Haryana 0.36 lakh ha, Madhya Pradesh 0.34 lakh ha, Rajasthan 0.28 lakh ha, and Tamilnadu 0.02 lakh ha, whereas less area is reported from the states of Gujrat 3.55 lakh ha, Maharashtra 1.79 lakh ha, and Andhara Pradesh 0.21 lakh ha and Odisha 0.02 lakh ha. 

According to the govt data if the area of these crops was increased means the rain in these states was near to normal.

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