Saturday 22 August 2020

Soybean Farmers Suffering Crop Damage

Soybean Crop loss
Soybean Crop loss
In Kharif season every state has its own special crop and most of the farmers were depending on the weather. Monsoon is very important for farmers. Due to low rain in Madhya Pradesh, the farmers have to face a problem in the soybean crops. The soybean crop is turning yellow and the flower is dropping. The standing soybean crop do not have the pods. The farmers were worried about the situation of the crop. 

Maharastra and some parts of Madhya Pradesh also affected by the caterpillar attack in soybean. The crop is standing in the field and the leaves of the crop are yellow and the plant does not have any fruit. The farmers were requesting the State govt to provide some facility to the farmers. They demand the crop survey and crop loss in areas.

They also reported the agriculture department is not monitoring properly and shows some faults of agriculture officers. They said govt and agriculture department were irresponsible in their work.

Farmers were on the road and went to govt offices by taking the crop in hand. They just need help from state govt to protect their crop and their family. If the farmers will get the crop loss more than 50 percent than who will be responsible for that. 

Low rain and diseases and pests in crops increase the cost of cultivation and increase the loss of crops. They were requesting the govt to provide some compensation for crop loss and low rainfall. They have to face a double challenge and we have to support the farmers. 

In India, small and marginal farmers have to face more problems because they do not have sufficient budget and land to cover their crop loss. These types of problems have to face by farmers in many districts and states. It is very important to support and understand the farmers' needs.

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