Wednesday 5 August 2020

How to apply nutrient to cotton at low cost?

Cotton Growth Improvement

Cotton is a very important crop in the Kharif season, especially in Northern and Western India. Most of the farmers are depending on cotton crops used as a cash crop because the production and MSP of the crop are good. The cotton crop needs different macro and micronutrients to their growth and development. 

Most of the farmers using an old and simple method from sowing to harvesting. This article will help you to get more output or production and also you can save a farmer's cost. Generally, farmers use BT cottonseed and apply the 50-100 kg urea and 50-100 kg DAP for the whole life cycle of cotton and thought these are sufficient for the cotton crops but the time has been changed and we have to use modern agriculture for good production and save money. 

These two nutrients are not sufficient for cotton because cotton crop takes more than 160 days. These two nutrients will not help the cotton to get the high yield. If the application of these nutrients is higher than they can affect the soil health and attract the different types of pests and diseases to the cotton crop. 

How to Improve cotton health at an early stage?

Cotton Nutrient
Cotton Flower

Farmers must try this method and techniques for good yield because the cost of application of nutrients at the broadcast level will affect the soil health and loss in yield. Farmers must use DAP 20 kg and 10 Kg potash at the time of sowing which helps the plants to germination and development at an early stage. After that when applying the first irrigation in the field which must be after 30-35 days. But farmers apply the first irrigation at 50 days which affects the cotton and the plants are under water stress. If the cotton comes under water stress condition the plants will not at a good height and not a good height means loss of flower and loss of flower means loss of production. At first irrigation, farmers must apply 500gram NPK 19:19:19 per acre and it should be foliar spray. 

How and when to Apply DAP and Urea in cotton?

Generally, a cotton crop requires a minimum of 50-70 kg urea and 50 kg DAP per acre. But if we turners into foliar spray the requirement of these nutrients at 20 percent means we can save 80 percent of Nitrogen and Phosphorus. Farmers should use 2-3 kg Urea and 2-3 Kg DAP in 200 liters of water for one acre. The result would be the same and also protect the soil health, the difference is only that you can repeat this after 20 days. The foliar spray result is better than the broadcasting method. This application of nutrients can start after 2nd irrigation and apply a minimum of three applications of the foliar spray and mix other nutrients also which helps plant growth and flower making.

What are the other nutrients mix in water for cotton?

Farmers must apply Zinc Sulphate and Iron once in the crop cycle of cotton. Boron 200-250 grams at the flowering stage to protect the defoliation of cotton. Sulfur is very useful which protects the plants from various diseases of leaves. Potassium is useful to increase the size of boll and also increase the weight of boll. So, farmers must try this final solution in the crop twice in cotton which is useful for cotton and increase the yield. 

Final Nutrient Solution for Cotton

If you apply this solution once in your cotton at 60 days after sowing or during second irrigation your crop has good health and boosts the growth it really works. We had applied this solution and get good output by this method. We had made a video on this topic you can watch this for more information.

The final solution 2 kg Urea + 2 kg DAP + 1 kg Potash + 500 grams of ferrous sulfate + 1 kg Sulfur you can add for one acre at first spray after 60 days of sowing. And the second spay 2 kg Urea + 2 kg DAP + 500 gram Zinc Sulphate + 250 gram Boron + 1 kg Potash. If the plants' leaves were not fine you can add 500-gram sulfur and 500-gram ferrous sulfate. This is the best mixture of fertilizer to boost up your cotton health. 

This must be spray in the evening time and early morning. The higher amount of dose can damage the leaves. So do not apply a higher amount of doses and one thing more before spray check that there is good moisture in the soil or try to apply after the irrigate the field. 

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