Tuesday 11 August 2020

Farmers worried about drought, flood, Crop Pests and Disease!!

farmers and crop
Farmers Problem Burden

This time farmers are swinging amid heavy rains and drought. Where this crisis is not there, farmers are distressed due to the attack of pests and diseases. Farmers in western Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan are upset due to lack of rain. The standing paddy crop in the fields is drying up. Apart from here, there are many areas where the crop is submerged in floods.

But the farmers of Maharashtra are neither troubled by drought nor floods, but because of their concern, pests are growing on the cotton crop in the fields.

Farmers are worried about the effect of pink bollworm or pink boll in the cotton fields of Maharashtra. According to agricultural scientists, pink bollworm is the biggest enemy of cotton. This worm spends its entire life on cotton and it damages the small plant from bud to flower.

For the last 3-4 years, Pink Worm has been seen attacking the crop every year. It has to be controlled at the beginning. If the farmers are even a little careless about this pest, then the whole crop can be destroyed.

In Maharashtra, it has a greater impact. The larvae of pink bollworm live in the stalks of the old crop and complete their life cycle on the new crop and lay eggs in the growing crop of cotton. New larvae feed only on buds or flowers. If there is no bud or flower in the crop, then this larva dies without causing any damage to the crop.

Apart from this, there are many problems in farmers' life and face sowing to harvesting and selling of crops. Some farmers worried about MSP and agriculture loans. Govt must have watch the farmers' problem. If we calculate the farmers' income it is less than labour who earns 400 rupees in daily life. This corona and profit of a person kill the farmers day by day.

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