Sunday 16 August 2020

How Low Monsoon Affect Farmers?

Monsoon 2020
Low Monsoon 2020

According to the Skymet Weathersys, Madhya Pradesh has received less than normal monsoon rainfall so far. Between 1 June and 14 August, western Madhya Pradesh received 9% less rainfall. Situations have improved in East Madhya Pradesh and are now down by 9% as compared to last week's 15% decrease. 

The monsoon performance in Haryana has not been satisfactory this time. Haryana has received 9% less rainfall than normal. Most of the areas of Maharashtra have received good rains during this monsoon season. Konkan and Goa, Madhya Maharashtra and Marathwada have received more than normal rainfall. While Vidarbha has received 17% less rainfall than normal. Between June 1 and August 9.

Western Rajasthan received 13% less than normal and East Rajasthan received 28% less rainfall. Most districts of Rajasthan are still facing drought. While some have seen good rains in many states.

Now, let's talk about the effect on crops due to low rainfall. Due to less rain, many types of pests and diseases have emerged in the crops because excess moisture in the air and drought in the soil invites many pests. First of all, if we talk about Madhya Pradesh, in soybean, cotton, and peanut crops, diseases like root rooting, stems, rotting, and spots on leaves have been reported. In soybean and other pulses crops, destroy the yellow mosaic disease by rooting the plants with root and there is an outbreak of whitefly spreading yellow mosaic. 

In Uttar Pradesh and Punjab, there is an outbreak of stem borer in paddy crop. In the same sugarcane crop have been affected by many types of insects. If we talk about Haryana and Rajasthan, then the leaves are turning yellow with whitefly in cotton, guar, and mung, Rajasthan they are shedding the fruits of soybean. There is a problem reported root rotting in many crops. 

In Maharashtra, Rajasthan, there is a problem of yellowing of leaves in groundnut with spot tikka disease. And the outbreak of cotton moth, green moth, whitefly, and pink bollworm has reported very much.

In the coming days, this pest problem can be more if it does not receive rain properly. There is a double problem faced by the farmer, first due to the lack of rain and another due to insects and pests over the crops and vegetables in almost all the states where rain is deficient. 

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