Monday 31 May 2021

Monsoon Update: Monsoon will arrive in Kerala on June 3

monsoon 2021

The 2021 monsoon is soon hitting the southern states of India as per IMD and reach monsoon to Kerala. The IMD has predicted the monsoon for this year i.e 2021 reach on 31st May. In the latest forecast, the Meteorological Department said that the arrival of monsoon in Kerala is likely to be delayed by 2 days, and now it is expected to start in the state by June 3 whereas the Skymet on said that the monsoon has already reached Kerala and this time it arrived 2 days ago normally it reaches Kerala state on 1 June.

The monsoon season always begins when the southwest monsoon first hits the southern tip of Kerala State, usually in the first week of June and retreats from Rajasthan in September. It also predicts that there is a 40 percent possibility of normal rainfall and 21 percent above normal rainfall during monsoon.

Mahé areas of Kerala and Puducherry may receive rain for the next 5 days. Areas of coastal Karnataka are also expected to receive rains from June 1 to 3. There are signs of strong rainfall in South Karnataka on 2-3 June. At the same time, the order of moving the heat can continue in western Rajasthan. 

The people of the national capital Delhi are expected to get relief from the humid heat soon. From Monday, 31 May, light rain can be seen in Delhi with thunder. Light to moderate rains with one or two heavy spells may occur over Kerala, coastal Karnataka and Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Whereas Northeast India, parts of West Bengal, Bihar, North Eastern Uttar Pradesh are likely to receive light to moderate rains. Apart from this, there is a possibility of light rain with dust storm in Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan.

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