Tuesday 11 May 2021

Why do farmers not do organic farming?

organic farming

It is a big question for every non-organic and organic farmer which must be clear to promote the farming. We can see that everyone want to do organic but due to some main points and reasons where farmers do not want to go for organic. There are enough facilities for organic farming but due to lack of price, farmers are not able to fully connect with it. Organic farming is happening in India right now. Whereas globally there are about area 1.1 on which organic farming can be done in India. That is, only less than 25 percent of the land is being used for organic agriculture.

The report of the Agricultural and Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) has revealed that the state government itself is not serious about it due to the reasons for not farming. Organic farming is not catching up to the desired pace due to not taking concrete steps for encouragement and awareness.

Main Problem for farmers : The biggest and important reason behind the lack of trend towards organic farming is that there is no authorized government center to sell their products.

Solution for this : The government should create separate counters for sale and promotion of organic products in all the agricultural produce Mandis of the state. All appropriate means of conveying information to the buyer should be adopted so that the farmers can also get a fair price for the crop.

There is confusion among the farm farmers, think farmers, organic farming will not yield the crop. There are no buyers of organic farming right now. Their cost does not come out. But this reality was believed by agricultural experts that heavy use of chemical affects the fertilizer potential of the soil. Therefore, two to three crops after the use of organic manure begins to come back to normal. After that, fertile and better crop starts getting available even earlier. There are many buyers of organic farming, but they do not know where organic farming is happening in the state, where to buy from. The platform of both is not ready yet.

The Govt Steps for this Agricultural Policy has added separate provisions for organic farming. The subsidy is introduced but it is much less. She is also unable to reach the farmers. Initially, there was a government link between the farmer and the consumer. Such a mechanism should be created, so that the farmer and the consumer can be mixed together. Many government policies are implemented by the state end and central government. During the Corona Time Promote Organic Farming for Our Health and for Next Generation.

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