Saturday 8 May 2021

Govt will distribute pulses seed to farmers

pulses seedGreat news for Indian farmers, especially for those farmers who doing pulses farming. This growing season 2021-22 the government is going to distribute pulses mini kits to farmers. The government will spend 82 crores on this head. This 2021-22 cultivation Kharif season June-July to increase the pulses' production in country and taken step by Govt for it.

According to Indian weather sowing of pulses in Kharif  will begin with southwest monsoon. This monsoon will reach in starting month of June according to weather agency and forecast normal monsoon this year.  If the weather will good and normal rains we can expect the good season for kharif crops.  Also, can expect the pulses' production like Green gram, black gram, pigeon Pea. These crops and many more pulses cultivated in India.

According to the union ministry of agriculture to distribute the pulses kits to the farmers with the state govt mentioned in a statement. To increase the production and promote the pulses farming the govt has taken this step.  The details have been mentioned in the statement how to promote and how it works. Under this the good quality of seed with bumper yield state and central agency will distribute the seed to the farmers free of costs.  The govt aims to promote pulses production and benefits to farmers between the two crops. 

According to the govt this year proposed to distribute pulses kits to 20,27,318 farmers and also year also distributed kits and this year plan ten times more. IF we calculate the cost of it around more than 82 crores. The entire is under central govt. in which Pigeon Pea, Black gram, Moong daal seed has been distributed. It also estimates that the kharif 2021 the urad cultivation around 4 lakh ha this year.  The seed distribution work will start from June 15 at district levels. 

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