Tuesday 25 May 2021

Water for irrigation in our country can be fulfilled?

rain waterAs soon as the month of June starts, the rainy season starts. According to a report, 90 percent of the rain water goes to waste every year, if this water is conserved, then the lack of water for irrigation in our country can be fulfilled. The water level in the country is continuously going down.

The main reason for this is the exploitation of water. If seen, most of the water is wasted in the fields irrigated. This will come as a major problem in the coming times.

Senior scientists of the Krishi Vigyan Kendra said that the continuous fall of groundwater level is a matter of concern, if it is not stopped, then we will yearn for water. Dr. Dayanand said that groundnut and cotton cultivation require a lot of water, due to which the groundwater level is rapidly decreasing. 

If the exploitation of groundwater is to be stopped, then it is very important to conserve rainwater, as well as cultivate crops with less water demand like kharif, millet, guar, moong etc. in Kharif. There are also several schemes of the Agriculture Department for the year water conservation such as field frying, ponds, ponds, etc., on which 50-70 percent subsidy is also given to the farmers. Apart from this, recharging wells and tube wells from rain water is also a good way to stop the falling groundwater level.

Horticultural crops consume the most water in agriculture. By adopting advanced irrigation techniques like drip irrigation and micro sprinkler irrigation method, 30-40 percent water can be saved. 50-70 percent grant is also being given by the Horticulture Department on the above. By adopting rainwater harvesting methods, farmers can increase their income by doing rain fed gardening.

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