Friday 28 May 2021

Roof Gardening during Lockdown


Currently, most people have been blocked out of the house due to the lockdown caused by the corona. Due to this, it is becoming difficult to spend time. Due to lack of work and free time throughout the day, many types of negative thoughts come to mind, people's mental health is deteriorating. Also, due to the frightening picture of the current situation in social media such as WhatsApp, Facebook, news channels, etc., many types of fear come to mind automatically create mental weakness, stress, depression. To get yourself out of such situations, the only option is to engage in artistic/novel work in your spare time.

One such option can be done by gardening on the roof. It will benefit from this that nutritious and health-enhancing, infection-free food items can be consumed by themselves through organically grown vegetables, fruits, to avoid corona. Not being out of the house in the event of a lockdown, being forced to go from house to house to buy vegetables being sold by handbags, is likely to cause corona infection. Whereas the self-grown vegetables on the roof can be grown in an organic way instead of using chemical medicines, fertilizers at their discretion.

We elaborated that for this purpose, household waste items like - plastic buckets, plastic tubs, cooler broken water tubs, empty paint cans, old vegetable crates, empty oil cans, plastic boxes, Empty sacks of cement can be used. Also, currently, plastic deep capsule size deep pots, grooves, HDPE 240 GSM can be easily obtained in the market or online market.

Soil organic manure requires a cocoa pit for gardening. A plant can be planted in seedlings or seedlings in a pot, prepared with a mixture of manure and soil. In this type of gardening, you can also prepare fruit trees like mango papaya, lemon, pomegranate, Chiku, etc. in size 333 fit of pottery or gro bag used on the roof only.

Gardening on the roof has many advantages, one gets green and chemical-free fresh vegetables which are difficult to find in the market or market, due to which the roof is also green, due to which one can sit here in the evening. , Can exercise and feel closer to nature. By eating organic vegetables grown on their own, the disease caused by eating chemical-rich vegetables found in the market can also be avoided. Additionally, income can also be obtained by selling additional vegetables.

Gardening keeps the mind happy and does not cause mental depression. During this period, regular activities like - Irrigation, condemnation, hoeing, etc., exercise the body automatically due to which the body remains healthy.

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