Tuesday 4 May 2021

How to store Onion and Garlic?

onion and garlic

In our country, onion and garlic are part of our daily diet, and it is used as a vegetable and spice. At this time, harvesting of onion and garlic is almost complete and farmers are storing garlic. Onion and garlic do not go bad, so take care of these special things.

After the preparation of the crop, the tubers should be dug up and uprooted along with the seedlings, then made a bundle and dried in the sun for 3 to 4 days. The tubers with leaves should be placed in such a way that the tubers of the next row are pushed by the leaves of the back row.

 After drying the leaves, onion and garlic leaves are cut in such a way that 2.5 to 3 cm. May the long stem be left. These tubers should be dried in the shade for about two weeks. By doing this, the severed parts of the neck of the tuber are dried and closed and the chances of infection by disease factors are reduced.

After drying garlic in the shade, if necessary, its leaves can be cut, otherwise garlic should be stored along with leaves if an adequate storage system is available. If the leaves are to be cut, then at least 2 to 2.5 cm. A combi stick should be kept.

During the monsoon, the moisture in the atmosphere increases, and it spoils the tuber, so keep the onion garlic stored from time to time. If some tubers rot or smell, then separate the bad tubers from that place, otherwise it also spoils the other produce.

Onion and garlic should be stored and stored according to the size of the tubers. Separating into small, medium and large tubers is good to store.

Due to having sufficient free space between the tubers of uniform medium size, the structure of air is good and the loss during storage is relatively less. Small size tubers have more damage from sedation, while larger size tubers have more sedimentation and germination problems.

For good storage, the temperature of the warehouse should be 25-30 degree centigrade and humidity should be between 65-70 percent.

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