Saturday 1 May 2021

Agriculture Technology attract the farmers?

India is an agricultural country. Agriculture is the source of livelihood for more than 50 percent of the population in India and agriculture is practiced in many ways. As industrialization is increasing, the need for the development of agricultural production technologies is increasing. Greenhouse agriculture has emerged as one of the best modern farming techniques.

The use of which made the production of crops possible even in places where it was not possible before. Greenhouse agriculture has increased the productivity and quality of crops.

The prevalence of growing vegetables, growing fruits and preparing plants in the controlled temperature and farming in the modern way are surprising other farmers. Agricultural experts say that the biggest advantage of preparing vegetables in a poly house or green house is that the product remains clean, because the dust from outside does not get inside the polyhouse, green house. At the same time, insect attack is also less. Yields are also higher. The product is also better looking soft which gives good prices in the market.

The biggest thing is that due to the controlled temperature, the yield of vegetables, fruits, flowers can be taken even in the opposite season. This is the reason that farmers are coming forward in setting up small greenhouses. It costs a lot to build a poly house or a green house, but the government also provides 50 percent subsidy to the farmers. In such a situation, the rural youth are coming forward and setting up a new model of agriculture and attracting the attention of other farmers.

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