Sunday 23 May 2021

Central Govt has transferred wheat procurement money to farmers

wheat Purchase

This year, the government is on the record of purchasing wheat at the minimum support price (MSP). This year farmers have been paid more than the Rabi Marketing Season (RMS) 2020-21. Last year, the government paid Rs 75059.60 crore in lieu of government procurement of wheat. Whereas till May 21 this year, 75,514.61 crore has been transferred to the bank account of the farmers. The farmers had never received so much money as the MSP of wheat. While in many states, the procurement process will continue till June 15.

BJP spokesperson Rajiv Jaitley says that this payment is a befitting reply for those who were tricking the farmers in the name of MSP. The previous record of Rs 62802.88 crore to pay the most money on wheat MSP was also set by Modi government. Now the Modi government has also created a new record by breaking it. The government had already said that the MSP will not end. It has also been proved by increasing the purchase on it.

How far is the purchase from last year

According to the central government, till May 21 this year, 382.35 lakh metric tonnes of wheat has been purchased. This is just 7 lakh metric tonnes away from last year's total purchase. Which can be achieved by next week. This means that this time a new record of purchase will be made. The claim is that this time so far, 17 percent more purchases have been made in wheat procurement compared to the same period last year.

How many farmers benefit

In the Rabi marketing season 2020-21, 43,35,972 farmers (farmers) got the benefit of MSP of wheat. Whereas, so far this year, wheat has been purchased from 39.55 lakh farmers at the minimum support price. 35,57,080 farmers were benefited in RMS 2019-20. Agricultural sector experts believe that the number of farmers benefiting this year can go up to 45 lakhs.

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