Saturday 29 May 2021

Farmers worried about the Paddy Disease this year?


In view of the arrival of monsoon in the Kharif season, farmers have started preparations to set up a nursery for paddy crops. In the last Kharif crop, Haldia (Kanduva) disease had affected the hard work of the farmers. This time the farmers are already attentive and farmers are looking for paddy seed without Haldia disease.

According to farmers, this disease has a significant effect on production. This disease occurs on the ripening of earrings, due to which it is not highly prevented. It has been observed that when the earrings are ready in the paddy crop and the earrings begin to ripen, then suddenly a large yellow-colored turmeric-like lump from the pea grains, which is filled with lots of particles, gets planted in the earrings. And within a week, the blackening of the earrings engulfs the entire crop. 

At the time of harvesting due to the disease, there is pollution like black smoke which is very harmful to health and rice turns semi-black instead of white, which is neither edible nor is it available by the government purchasing center. Or traders buy, which puts the cost of farmers on the verge of drowning.

Farmers say that the outbreak of Haldia disease was mostly in the Dunkel seeds sold by multinational companies last year. In the last 10 to 15 years, the prevalence of stinging seeds in the farmers has increased a lot, that is the reason that the seeds have reduced disease and irrigation, as well as the production, is good, due to which the farmers are planting the seeds of the said paddy Were. 

But in the current Kharif season, farmers suffering from Haldia disease are finding non-Haldia disease seed at government seed godowns and private shops. Due to the high cost of paddy crop and low production of domestic seeds, farmers want to avoid planting seeds like Sabha Mansuri, PNR 121, Malaviya Sugandha, Pant-24 available at government seed godowns.

The farmer partner is environmental rather than Haldia or Kanduva road. A ninety percent guarantee cannot be given for its diagnosis, yet if the farmer is forced to sow seedlings with streptocycline and carbendazine, the chances of getting Haldia disease are reduced by ninety percent. Farmers will get a subsidy for planting dhaincha. 

There is a 90 percent subsidy on weedicide, zinc, seeds, and other chemicals from government seed godowns after farmers have sown at least one acre and more than two hectares of green manure dhaincha.

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