Thursday 20 May 2021

Subsidy on DAP fertilizer by 140 percent

DAP subsidy

Due to the increase in subsidy of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi government, farmers will continue to get DAP fertilizer at the same old rates.

The government has increased the subsidy on DAP fertilizer by 140 percent. Now farmers will get a subsidy of Rs 1200 instead of Rs 500 per sack. This will cost farmers 1200 rupees instead of Rs 2,400 per sack.

Opposition parties, especially the Congress, had strongly criticized the increase in DAP fertilizer prices. He even said that the increase in the price of DAP by 700 rupees is a conspiracy of the central government to enslave the farmers. He had demanded the government to withdraw the increased prices soon. Other parties also criticized the government's decision to increase the price. Maharashtra Congress chief Nana Patole warned that if the central government does not withdraw the increased prices of fertilizer, agitation will be held.

The decision to increase subsidy on DAP will put an additional burden of Rs 14,775 crore on the government. In the meeting, Prime Minister Modi emphasized that despite increasing international prices, farmers should get fertilizer at the old rates.

Effect of Phosphoric Acid and Ammonia Expensive

The actual price of DAP till 2021 or we can say in 2020 was Rs 1,700 per bag. On this, the Central Government used to give a subsidy of 500 rupees. Thus, farmers had to pay a price of Rs 1200 per sack. However, recently the prices of PhosPhoric Acid and  Ammonia fertilizers used in DAP have gone up by 60 to 70%. Due to this, the price of one bag of 45 kg of DAP has been increased to Rs 2,400 and it is high amount for farmers. So that the subsidies are sold to fertilizer companies to the farmers for Rs 1900 per bag under this.

The Congress says that the central government has increased the prices of 50 kg bag of Dye Ammonia Phosphate (DAP) fertilizer by Rs 700 and some other fertilizers, which will put an additional burden of Rs 20 thousand crore annually on the farmers. He had said that this is a conspiracy to enslave the grain providers of the country. In the last nearly six and a half years, the Modi government has already put a burden of Rs 15,000 per hectare annually on the farmer by increasing the price of everything used in agriculture.

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