Thursday 27 May 2021

Update on KCC by PM?

KCC Update

Narendra Modi government has made special efforts to increase the economy in the country's agricultural sector. The Prime Minister Kisan Samman Yojna is considered to be part of his part. Modi government has decided to double the income of farmers up to 2022. Kisan Credit Card  has been set up by Kisan Credit Card for the farmers to be available at low interest rates. Bank fees have been canceled for Kisan Credit Card. Now the process of adding the Kisan Credit Card has been canceled.

How to make a Kisan Credit Card?

The process of creating the Central Government Kisan Credit Card has been simplified than the first. For this process has been canceled. The banks have been ordered to be kept in the villages. To apply for Kisan Credit Card, to apply to PM Kisan Honor Scheme website. Fill your ground information, the information of the crop. Take the print out of application after filling the KCC form and add it to the bank. The benefits of the PM Kisan Yojana will have to submit information about the account of the account which is available in the bank. In this process, KYC process will not have to process.

Who can make a farming credit card?

By Kisan Credit Card, the loans up to Rs 3 lakh to farmers from 9% interest. The central government gives 2% discount on it. If the loan is repayed in time, 3 percent gets more suit. Farmers get a loan of 4% by Kisan Credit Card in this way. Any person connected with the country, even if he is farming in his field or farming on another's land, he can make a KCC.

The minimum age of the person who applies for KCC should be 18 years and a maximum of 75 years of the person who applies for the loan term. Must be co-applicant for applicants over 60 years old. This is the closest relative of the applicant. The co-applicant must be less than 60 years of age.

Important documents for KCC

Different banks demand different documents for KCC, but some basic documents must be to the applicant. There should be ID proof and support card, PAN card, voters, card, driving licenses for ID proof and address proof. Application besides (Kisan Credit Card) is also required for the applicant's passport photo.

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