Saturday 29 May 2021

Farmers demand Compensation for Yaas damage?

yaas cyclone damage

There is no justification for words like peace, relief, and agreement in the lives of farmers. Whether it is governance or administration, everyone makes a lot of efforts towards making the farmers prosperous, but on the ground even today our farmer brothers are seen moaning with their light.

In such terrible calamity, the havoc of the 'Yaas' storm has increased their plight. The farmers who were happy with their tillage crops yesterday are disappointed to see their ruined crops today. Let us know that the crop of farmers who have been affected by the "Yaas" storm has been completely ruined. Seeing these ruined crops, the farming brothers are unable to understand what to do. They are feeling disenchanted with themselves.

Be it Bengal, whether it is Jharkhand or Bihar. Just understand that wherever the Yas storm knocked, he has definitely taken the farmer's brothers as his target. Now the farmer brothers tell their plight, whom should they even do? Where the farmers were not getting fair prices for their crops due to the Mandis which had been closed due to the Corona epidemic earlier. 

At the same time, now their outstanding crops have also reached the abyss of the havoc of Yaas storm. Keeping all these conditions in mind, the farmers of Bihar have demanded a compensation of Rs 50,000 from the government. He told the government that during his Rabi season, his maize crop has suffered a lot of damage. In such a situation, they do not understand what to do, so they have now demanded compensation of Rs 50 thousand from the government.

Farmers of Bihar cultivate maize in both Rabi and Kharif seasons. By now, farmers had already harvested 10 percent of the maize, but the Yas storm has spoiled everything. Bihar ranks first among maize-producing states. Here 9 percent of the country's maize is produced.

At the same time, Bihar Kisan Manch president Dhirendra Singh Tudu said that we have demanded the government to give compensation at the rate of 50 thousand rupees per acre. He said that due to heavy rains, the crop of maize has suffered a lot of damage. Well, now it will have to be seen that what steps the government takes in view of the demand of the farmers of Bihar.

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