Wednesday 26 May 2021

Market and Procurement Update on Wheat and Mustard?

mustard update

The month of May is about to be known and still the government procurement of wheat is going on along with the Mandis. If we talk about wheat, this time due to the good yield of wheat, the export of wheat has also increased a lot and this time the farmers are feeling happy due to the government procurement. On the other hand, with good yield of mustard this time, good hopes are being raised for the farmers. Let us see what is the movement of Mandis on wheat and mustard right now. And which states have won and talked about something special related to mustard sentiment.

How much wheat procurement has been done in 2021?

Government procurement of wheat has been going on continuously since last month. If we talk about the figures of Food Corporation of India, then the largest purchases have been made from the state of Punjab. If we add the states associated with it, about thirty million 87 lakh tonnes of government purchases have been made so far from many states including Punjab, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan.

What is the price in wheat market and decrease in it

At present, in the present price of wheat, the price was Rs 1660 on 22 May in Dhoraji mandi of Gujarat, while on 24 May the price was Rs 1640. If you talk, in Lalsot Mandi of Rajasthan, on May 22, the price of Rs 1810 was seen, the same was Rs 1775 on 24 May, while in Sitapur Mandi, adjoining Uttar Pradesh, the price of wheat was only 1975 on 22 May and 24 May, which was the best. It was good that Fatehpur Mandi also remained the same. If we talk about exports, in 2021, the export till April was 2086372 tonnes whereas in the year 2020, it was 2,19690 tonnes.

What is the condition of mustard crop?

Everyone is surprised to see the price of mustard, this kind of work gets a lot of work, especially when talking about fresh figures in oil-rich crops, this time the bumper yield of mustard can be produced by the Ministry of Agriculture and this time i.e. in 2019-22 There are likely to be many times more yields. It is estimated that this time, in the year 2020-21, 10 million tonnes of mustard is expected to be produced, while in 2019-20 it was 91.2 lakh tonnes. Mustard may be the highest crop so far this time.

What is the condition of mustard in Mandis?

This time, in case of mustard, mustard prices have been seen with strange slap and even after this, there was no change in the mandis. No change was seen in the mustard price in Kanpur Mandi in Uttar Pradesh. Mustard prices in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh on 21 May 2021 and 24 May were only Rs 6600. At the same time, Mathura Mandi also saw a similar situation, which was Rs 6600 on May 21, while on May 24 it was Rs 6680. If we talk about the slowdown in mustard prices in Rajasthan. Which was seen at Lalsot Mandi in Rajasthan on May 21st the price was Rs 7268, then on May 24 this price was reduced to Rs 6770. In the other states, in other states, in Khategaon Mandi in Madhya Pradesh, the price was seen at Rs 4300 and in Rajkot, the price was Rs 5375. 6470 rupees were seen in Sirsa Grain Market.

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