Thursday 1 October 2020

Why did farmers want to quit farming?

Indian Farmers

India is an agricultural country. Agriculture is the main axis of the Indian economy and Indian life. There was a time when farming in our country was considered good, trade moderate, and jobless. In olden times, one's status was estimated by how much farming it has, but at present, the cultivation is being given the lowest status.

The only reason for this is the government's policies for the upliftment of agriculture and farmers and the implementation of those policies.

The development of industries in our country is also dependent on agriculture. Farming is practiced by citizens of the entire country. Today's socio-economic system is forcing young farmers to migrate from villages and farming. All the employees, officers, MPs, MLAs kept demanding their salary increases from time to time and their demands also got accepted. All the leaders and ministers keep worrying about the problems of the farmers, the budget is also increased every year in the agricultural sector, but the ground reality is that the farmers have become very upset with farming and they leave farming and migrate to cities. are doing.

In the same way, if the young farmers migrated from the rural areas, then in the coming time, the farmer will only produce his family's food crop and will leave the rest of his agricultural land. When food is not produced, we will have to buy food from multinational companies at the price at which they would like to sell food to us. 

Even after 71 years of independence, the average annual income of a farmer is 20 thousand rupees. Till now the schemes for the welfare of the farmers and the way they have been implemented have been done by the government keeping the vote bank in mind. Till agriculture is not given the status of the industry, agriculture will continue to groan, rural youth will continue to migrate from farming and farmers will continue to commit suicide.

The biggest problem for the farmers is the lack of capital or cost. They need money from their domestic needs to the cost of agriculture and for this, they depend on the moneylender and the farmers' credit card. Since the farmer gets the money easily from the credit card, he uses it instead of agriculture to meet his social and domestic needs and after the money is spent, he gets stuck in the money lenders for the cost of farming.

Even today, even after more than 70 years of independence, most of Indian agriculture runs on the basis of Indra Dev. Due to the drought of Indra Devta, the farmer is either forced to sell the land or is leading to suicide by getting stuck in the circle of banks, middlemen, and money lenders due to drought, price rise, the unexpected burden of debt. Weather damage, crop wastage, and failure to repay loans are the major reasons for farmers' suicide. 

The Foreignization of education has also led rural youth away from farming. In the last 21 years in our country, about 3 lakh 30 thousand farmers have committed suicide due to the pressure of debt recovery and financial constraints. According to official estimates, one farmer is committing suicide every 30 minutes. Farming in our country has become so infamous due to farmers' suicide that young farmers are not getting girls for marriage.

The number of jobs in cities has also fallen significantly for youth with rural backgrounds and with an average education. Due to decreasing prices of agricultural produce, rising agricultural costs, and rising inflation, agriculture is becoming a business of farm losses. Despite the bumper production of crops, the cost of the crops of the farmers is also not coming out in the domestic market.

Now the govt passes the three ordinances in the agriculture sector that means farmers totally depended on the private sector. If govt wants to do privatization than they should provide the security of MSP to farmers otherwise in the coming few years the agriculture economy of India has a chance to decrease and farmers will leave the farming and move to jobs or they will grow for their needs. 

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