Sunday 4 October 2020

MP government will provide a full claim to the farmer who has got double-digit claim crop insurance

Madhya Pradesh Crop loss 2020

The farmers of Madhya Pradesh are very upset since the overflow, to compensate for the crop loss, it was hoped that the old insurance money would be relieved. The farmer has received 1 rupee, two, four rupees, and 11 rupees in their account, and when the money reached the farmers' account

, they became angrier instead of happy. On the one hand, crop wasting due to excess rainfall, in the name of the sum insured from above came to the account of a single-digit amount. The farmers were right at their place they had paid more than a thousand rupees and a crop loss claim is just a single-digit number.  However, Shivraj Singh Chauhan transferred the amount of insurance made in Madhya Pradesh to his accounts of 22 lakh farmers of Madhya Pradesh last year. 

Agriculture Minister said:

Although Agriculture Minister Kamal Patel said that this is the fault of the insurance company, instructions were issued in the review meeting that no claim of farmers will be made less than 2 thousand rupees. If farmers have got insurance of Rs 2-4 then wrong It
will be investigated.

State Govt Meeting with Insurance Company

Now, The state government itself in front of the insurance company, the farmer who got a low claim of crop insurance or after paying a premium of hundreds of thousands of rupees, by paying a claim like two-four rupees, has hurt the self-esteem of the farmer Keeping them will give them full benefit. This decision was taken in a meeting convened by Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan. On Saturday(03 Oct), the Chief Minister was holding a high-level meeting in the
Ministry regarding the claim amount received from the insurance companies of the state's farmers.

The government assured crop insurance amount to farmers

The Chief Minister said that every farmer of the state will be given full justice from the crop insurance companies. The farmers of the state, who have not received crop insurance claim amount or less, will put the government firmly in front of the insurance companies and in case of need will be discussed with the Government of India. Each farmer will be given the full claim amount of the insured crop. Along with this, relief money will also be provided to each flood victim soon.

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