Wednesday 7 October 2020

3.65 lakh tonnes of paddy purchased by the government on MSP?

paddy procurement update

The purchase of Kharif Paddy is going smoothly. According to an official statement released on Saturday, during the last one week, 3.65 lakh tonnes of Kharif paddy has been purchased

for Rs 689.44 crore at the minimum support price (MSP). 

This purchase of paddy has been done especially in Punjab and Haryana. Through these latest paddy procurement data, the government wants to send a message to the agitating farmers that it has no intention of ending the MSP. 

Farmers are opposing new laws related to farming. So far, paddy worth 689.44 crores has been purchased. This has benefited 28,715 farmers. Paddy procurement in Punjab and Haryana has started from 26 September. In other states, it has started on September 28. The government has fixed the MSP of paddy (common grade) at Rs 1,868 per quintal for the current year. The minimum support price for a paddy of A variety is Rs 1,888 per quintal.

Urad Import did not impact on MSP

The Indian Pulses and Grains Association (IPGA) on Friday welcomed the government's decision to release an import quota of 1.5 lakh tonnes of urad and said that there is no possibility of any major fall in prices. "It will soften the prices to some extent but will not have much impact on prices," IPGA vice-president Bimal Kothari said in a statement that the import of 1.5 lakh tonnes is not such a large quantity that prices Will bring it below the minimum support price (MSP).

Kothari said that according to the first advance estimates of production released by the government, the production of urad would be around 21 lakh tonnes which should be sufficient for the country's requirements. He said that however, due to continuous rains in the Urad cultivated areas, crop damage has occurred, leading to a price increase.

Last year too, there was a loss of crop due to rain, and the total production of Urad was only 1.3 million tonnes. He said that considering this, the government has issued an import quota of 1.5 lakh tonnes of urad, which will be distributed only to eligible and verified applicants according to the same and applied quantity whichever is less. 

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