Wednesday 21 October 2020

Vegetable King Potato Prices is on Fire?


For many years, farmers were throwing potatoes on the streets because they were getting less than the cost. Now, this potato is being sold this time at an asking price

. At the start of Navratri, the price of potato has gone up to more than Rs 40 -50 per kg. Potato consumption has also increased its storage. And it seems that Deepawali is likely to be more expensive.

In Punjab, the potato was cultivated in 97 thousand hectares in 2016-17 and 1.03 lakh hectares in 2018-19. 27 lakh metric tons of potato were produced. Due to bumper yields, farmers either had to sell potatoes for less than Rs 5 per kg or give them free. Potatoes were sown on 95,790 hectares in the year 2019-20. Around 20 lakh metric tonnes of potato have been produced, which is less than in previous years. The effect of reduced potato production is also visible at its cost.

In Punjab, 80 percent of the production is used as potato seed. West Bengal and Karnataka are the two largest states of potato seed buying. For three-four years, the potato farmer of Punjab was continuously incurring losses. Many farmers did not sow potatoes this year. In Punjab, where three to three and a half million potato packets were produced, this year it has decreased by 20 to 25 percent.

This year potato prices are much higher in Punjab. Potato has been available for five to 10 rupees in the last years. The crop has reduced this year. Potato growers had broken back in the last four years. This year he opted out of the potato crop.

This time Corona has also been affected. Potato-producing farmers were quite nervous about how to store potatoes. Lockdown is how the supply will be done. The potato was also in danger of spoilage due to heat. Due to this, the yield is reduced which is visible in the market. The new crop will come on the market from November. This may reduce prices.

It will take 2–3 months to reach the potato market of Punjab. Many farmers believe that it can be harmful by planting such expensive seeds because when potato comes, it is not necessary to get the cost. The same farmer who has the seeds is making a profit, and he hopes that the prices of potatoes remain unchanged.

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