Sunday 18 October 2020

Important agricultural reforms to increase farmers' income: Modi

PM Modi to farmers, Agriculture bills 2020

Prime Minister Narendra Modi described the recent agricultural reforms as "important" to expand the agricultural sector within the country and increase the income of farmers

. He also clarified that minimum support price (MSP) and government procurement are an important part of the country's food security. So it is natural for them to continue. 

The Prime Minister said this through a video conference on Friday16 Oct 2020 at an occasion organized on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations. On this occasion, PM Modi issued a commemorative coin of 75 rupees, and also the 17 bio-cultivated varieties of recently developed eight crops were also dedicated to the nation and farmers.

He said that farmers should get one and a half times the value as the minimum support price (MSP). He said many steps have been taken for this, aside from giving more options to the farmers through these reforms, work has also been done to offer them legal protection. 

PM said, "Minimum support prices and government purchases are a crucial part of the country's food security." So it's natural for them to continue. Referring to the Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee (APMC), the Prime Minister said that this system has been running in the country for years. The steps taken for infrastructure development of Krishi Mandis within the last six years, he said that quite two and a half thousand crores are invested for this.

He also said these Mandies will continue and committed to the small farmers with new options due to lack of Mandis they sell their produce to middle man under-compensation. Newmarkets will automatically reach farmers' doors and a farmer will get a higher price. New avenues will also open for the youth.

He said that to offer strength to small farmers, an outsized network of Farmers Producer Organisations(FPO) is being prepared across the country. The work of forming the Agricultural Producer Association is going on fast. Modi Describes the wastage of food grains as a big problem in our Country, 

PM Modi said that the amendment in the Essential Commodities Act will change the situation now. 'During this time, India has distributed food grains worth about one and a half lakh crores free to the poor.' In the transition period where the whole world is struggling. At the same time, farmers of India have broken all records of last year's production.

Modi said that such reforms are constantly being done in India today. Which shows India's commitment to global food security. He said that from the empowerment of farming and farmers to the food distribution system of India, improvements are being made one by one.

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