Saturday 3 October 2020

Farmer is happy with millet and worried about Paddy Selling


The procurement of millet has started in the Mandis across the state from Thursday. The good news is that in Haryana, farmers are getting the top price so far on the millet crop. This time the government is buying millet of farmers at the rate of Rs 2150 per quintal, while the price of millet in the market is between Rs 1300 to 1400.

The farmers are also very happy with the purchase of Bajra(millet) at MSP prices by the government. Farmers have started arriving in Bahadurgarh's grain market with their millet. On the first day of purchase, about a dozen farmers reached with the millet crop. Hafed is buying millet in Bahadurgarh. Whereas electricity, water, sanitation, and sanitization have been arranged by the market committee in the mandi.

Paddy procurement has not started in Fatehabad Anajamandi. Whereas, a day earlier, the administration had claimed that on Thursday, it would start government procurement of paddy and cotton in the district. But nothing like this happened. Farmers kept circling here with officials all day long. Paddy procurement had not started all districts of Haryana and rejects the farmer procurement with an excuse of high moisture.

Paddy piles are piled up in the grain market of Hodal, a town in Haryana adjacent to Uttar Pradesh. Paddy has been coming here for about 20 days, but contrary to the government's claim, government procurement of paddy has not started here.

However, not a single grain of paddy was purchased in this market till 30 September 2020. Whereas in a statement issued by the Union Ministry of Agriculture on 30 September 2020, 3506 MT of paddy has been procured in Haryana and 41303 MT in Punjab by 29 September.

Haryana Govt clear that the Purchase of paddy will be done according to the online portal. If the farmer has not received the message from the portals and has reached the market with paddy. His gate pass will be cut and purchased in Mandi.

The Prime Minister says that the farmer can sell his crop anywhere, but here we are not able to sell in our own state mandi.

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