Wednesday 28 October 2020

Triveni Group has fixed the date of the crushing session 2020-21

Triveni Sugar Mill/Sugarcane News

The Sabitgarh Sugar Mill( Uttar Pradesh) management of Triveni Group has fixed the date of the crushing session. The crushing season of the Mill will begin on 31 October. The Mill has started sending indent farmers.

It has been decided by the Sabitgarh sugar Mill management to start the crushing season of the Mill this year too. The Mill has started preparations. The Chief General Manager of the Mill Nareshpal informed that the crushing season will be launched on 31 October. With which the trial of the Mill, etc. has also been done. Also started sending indent farmers. Messages have also flash on mobile. 

At the same time, 70 sugarcane purchasing centers have been set for the crushing season 2020-21. Preparations have been completed by sending forks to these purchasing centers. By which the Weighing thorns will be fitted before the scheduled time at all the centers and the weighing will start. At the same time weighing work will be started at 55 purchasing centers from October 30.

The Sabitgarh sugar Mill crushed 97 lakh quintal cane in the last crushing season. After this, a target of 10 million quintals has been set this year. The general manager of the mill said that the crushing season is starting on time. It is expected that the crushing target will be met within the time period.

According to the mill management, 93 percent of sugarcane has been paid by them. At the same time, the remaining seven percent payment will also be paid soon. A schedule will be released soon regarding this.

Full care is being taken for the convenience of the farmers. In case of any problem related to weighing etc., they can complain to the mill management. Their problem will be resolved.

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