Thursday 29 October 2020

First time, the Haryana Govt. is going to purchase Groundnut at MSP

purchase Groundnut at MSP:MSP of Groundnut in Haryana: Mandi names for groundnut

A good update for the groundnut growing farmers especially Haryana farmers who are facing the crop sell problem in groundnut. For the first time, the Haryana government is going to purchase groundnut at the minimum support price (MSP). The farmers will be given an MSP of Rs 5275 per quintal. 

The government is going to start procurement from November 1. Additional Chief Secretary of Food and Supplies Department PK Das took an important meeting on Monday for the purchase of groundnut, in which several decisions were taken. Das said that the state is estimated to produce 8 quintals of groundnut per acre. He informed that 17840 farmers have registered themselves for sale on the Meri Fasal Mera Byora portal.

Procured in seven Mandis

ACS informed that groundnut will be procured in seven Mandis. These include Hisar, Adampur, Kalanwali in Sirsa district, Ellenabad, Nathusari Chowpat and Fatehabad, and Bhattukalan in Fatehabad district. PK Das said that 25 percent of the total production of groundnut will be procured under the central government's PSS (Price Support Scheme) scheme, while the rest of the purchase will be done by the Haryana government for itself. Hafed will buy peanuts from farmers on behalf of Haryana.

The decision to promote crop diversification

He said that the policy decision to buy groundnut at MSP had already been taken. On Monday, a plan was made to put it into practice. The government knows how much it will cost to purchase peanuts, but the financial burden will be incurred, only when the government sells the groundnut in the market. The state government has taken this decision to promote crop diversification.

Payment of crops purchased by October 20

PK Das said that the present government is turning farmers towards cash crops to double their income. Since cash crops also consume less water than paddy and wheat, this will also promote water conservation. He said that till October 20, the payment of the purchased crops was made to the farmers on Tuesday.

This sounds good to buy the groundnut by Haryana Govt. A crop will be added to the list. We are very happy when govt think and promote the farmer and buy his crop at MSP. Just waiting for the day when govt. will pass the MSP Act in favor/aspect of farmers. 

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