Saturday 31 October 2020

The demand for mustard oil after onion is increasing and the price in the market does not appear to be under control

mustard crop prices/mustard oil 2020

At present, onion is being discussed loudly all over the country. Onion is being sold in different parts of the country from Rs 70 per kg to Rs 100, but the oil of mustard oil has not gone unnoticed. Prices on mustard oil have increased by 8 to 15 rupees per kg within 4 to 5 days. 

If you talk about the last year, mustard oil has become expensive by Rs 50 per liter. Presently, its price is not seen coming under control. Due to the end of blending, low production of mustard this year, and some changes in the foreign policy for oils, this effect is there, but after the increase of Rs 300 per quintal, the price of quintal was increased by 4 days ago. The boom has come again.

Let us tell you that the government has banned adulteration of any other oil in mustard oil. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) ban on blending mustard oil came into effect from October 1. The government said that this decision on mustard will benefit consumers as well as mustard-growing farmers.

Mustard oil became expensive by Rs 50 in a single year

In October of 2019, mustard oil was selling from 80 to 105 rupees a liter, but due to restrictions on palm oil in January, the price of one liter of mustard oil rose from 115 to 120 rupees. Then the lockdown took place, the yield decreased when the new mustard crop came. On the other hand, from October 1, FASSI prohibited blending in mustard oil. 

Prices have increased from 10 to 15 rupees a liter, but as the price of mustard has increased, the price of oil has also gone up. After watching the result of mustard oil price we can also estimate that the price of branded mustard oil will reach in market 130 to 145 rupees a liter.

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