Wednesday 30 September 2020

UP Farmers crop stopped at Haryana Border

UP farmers paddy

Farmers who came to sell rice crops from UP were stopped at the Haryana border itself. The district administration said that local farmers should get priority. Haryana government said farmers will have to register on the portal.

On the one hand, while the BJP government at the Center is describing agricultural bills as good for the farmers, on the other hand, the government of Haryana stopped the farmers coming from other states to sell crops on the border of Haryana. 50 farmers of UP were going to Karnal in Haryana to sell the produce of non-basmati rice to the Government Mandi. On this, Karnal Deputy Commissioner Nishant Yadav ordered to stop these farmers at the state border itself.

The Uttar Pradesh government does not buy crops of different varieties of non-basmati rice while the Haryana government buys these products at the minimum support price (MSP). That is why every year many farmers of UP come to Haryana to sell their crops.

On this whole issue, the Haryana government said that to sell agricultural produce, the Haryana government has created a portal, farmers will have to register on it and after that, they will have to wait for their turn. Prevents farmers from other states from coming to Haryana to sell their produce. For this, farmers have to fill their details on the government portal. They are then given a date via SMS. That day they can come here and sell their crop.

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal said that the Congress is politicizing the issue, making agriculture bills better for farmers. He said that if the Congress is equally concerned with the farmers, then why is the government in the Congress-ruled Rajasthan and Punjab not buying millet and maize from the farmers at the minimum support price. If we buy their crops, it will be a blow to the interests of the farmers of Haryana.

This is in contrast to the agricultural bills passed by the Modi government in which farmers are allowed to sell their crops at any price anywhere. According to the farmers, the Haryana government is taking steps against the farmers in this way. The local administration said that they want to ensure that local farmers are given priority first, although there is no such legal provision. 

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