Monday 14 September 2020

Estimates of loss to businessman and farmer in turmeric?

Turmeric market

Just as the work in other businesses is light, now due to Corona connection, the turmeric market of Sangli has a big impact. The turmeric market business has reduced by 70 percent due to the closed on hotels, industry, and exports that were closed due to coronavirus lockdown. With this, the rate of turmeric has decreased. In the last five months

, due to lack of demand, only two lakh ten thousand quintal turmeric has been sold. Both the farmers and traders are upset by this situation and have to faced a problem in turmeric prices and storage.

The country produces about one crore quintals of turmeric every year. The largest market for buying and selling of this turmeric is in Sangli. From pre-independence times, the Agricultural Produce Market Committee of Sangli extracts turmeric deals. With the tradition of good rates, farmers from Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana along with Maharashtra come to Sangli for the sale of turmeric. According to the quality of turmeric, after getting sold in a lilav tender way, the rate of three to nine thousand rupees is received. Whereas this year, turmeric farmers and traders from Corona got stuck in rate and supply. Whereas, due to the connection of corona worldwide for the last six months, the turmeric market also affected it. Turmeric deals closed in lockdown.

With the hotel and industry closed, demand also decreased. Due to which traders did not come forward to buy turmeric. In the four months from April to July, about six lakh quintal turmeric was sold. This year only two lakh 10 thousand quintals were sold in four months. Its specialty is that out of this, two lakh two thousand quintal turmeric was sold in May. In the remaining three months, only eight thousand quintals were sold.

The economic planning of farmers and traders deteriorated as the market became completely calm. The new commotion will begin in December-January. The rate is likely to decrease as new turmeric comes to the market. Farmers and trades be careful for this time in turmeric storage and production. 

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