Thursday 17 September 2020

Potato Prices at Sky in Indian Markets

Potato Update

This time skyrocketing potato seed prices have put farmers in trouble. Potato seed farmers are getting double the price of last season. Farmers in the district growing crops at 2065 per hectare have started to sow this time from sowing after getting Rs 4500 per quintal potato seed. On the other hand, potato seed farmers are happy this time because they are getting double the price this time


How Much Potato Prices increases in this month

The 50 kg sack here sold up to Rs 900 last year, this time its price is more than Rs 1700. Potato seeds were Rs 3600 to Rs 3800 per quintal a week ago, but now the price has increased from Rs 600 to 800 to Rs 4400 per quintal in just seven days. Farmers have turned their backs on sowing. There is a lot of enthusiasm among the growers of this year due to the record price of potato seed.

Merchants are buying 50 kg per bag of potatoes at Rs 1600 to 1700. Traders are showing signs of a further rise in prices of Kufri Jyoti and Chandramukhi potato seeds in the coming days.

Potato Sale Started for sowing?

Potato sowing and sale has started. This time, crop sowing has been affected due to the Corona epidemic in the country, and the state and a decrease in production has also been recorded. But it is the main time for sowing of Potato and farmers and traders need Potato. Some farmers thought we can skip the cultivation of potato for this time and some farmers were very happy who have the potato seed for sale.

Potato Prices in West Bengal 

Potatoes have become expensive in the West Bengal market due to which consumption has reduced. Wholesale traders say that this year, production has come down in both Bengal and UP, where potatoes come from Jharkhand. On the other hand, there is a demand for potato in almost all the houses, taking advantage of it, it is being sold at an expensive price in the city. Potatoes are getting 25 to 32 rupees per kg in bulk, which is being increased from six rupees to 30 to 38 rupees per kg in retail. Wholesale traders say that they are not selling potatoes at a higher price to earn more profits, coming out expensive.

When it will decrease and why?

Local potato prices have started touching the sky due to the closure of potato in Punjab. Potato prices have risen to Rs 60 from Rs 30 per kg in a week in the district. Prices are expected to be cut by November. Because the potato crop is not ready in Punjab at this time. Potatoes from Punjab reduce in price after arrival.

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