Monday 7 September 2020

Rs 3900 Crore for Agricultural Infrastructure in Haryana

Rs 3900 Crore for Agricultural Infrastructure in Haryana - Haryana's Minister for Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Shri Jai Prakash Dalal has said that the goal of self-sufficiency in agriculture has been fixed keeping in mind that the farmer is a producer as well as an entrepreneur. Become In this direction, plans are also being made by the government on a large scale.

Mr. Dalal said that when farmers and agriculture move forward in the form of industry, employment and self-employment opportunities will be available on a large scale near the village. He said that all the problems and reforms related to farmers are being linked with the empowerment of agriculture by considering small farmers as the focal point.

He said that new schemes are being introduced to reduce dependence on farmers. This time a new arrangement was made in the procurement process of Rabi crops of wheat and mustard and for the first time, crop sales were paid in the account of farmers. However, earlier farmers used to get this payment through Traders or middle man and the farmer did not know how much of his money came.

He said that in the economic package announced by the central government for Rs 20 lakh crore, one lakh crore rupees has been kept for agricultural infrastructure, and Rs 3900 crore has been allocated for Haryana. Accordingly, plans are being made for small warehouses and agro-based industries in the state.

Shri Jai Prakash Dalal said that keeping in mind water conservation for future generations, my water-my heritage scheme has been made. The farmers also understood the importance of this scheme and registered the 'my crop-my details' portal of 1,18,128 hectares against the government's target of sowing other low-water crops in place of paddy in one lakh hectare area But they have got them sowing other crops instead of paddy.

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