Tuesday 8 September 2020

CMO Haryana twitted on cotton crop damage

Despite due to the hot weather and low monsoon rainfall in the month of August. The Haryana cotton farmers have to face a big problem in cotton crops due to whitefly and para wilt in different districts.  And the farmers worried about the cotton health after applying the different pesticides and fungicides the problem did not control. Due to which farmers are demanding to compensate the cotton crop to reduce their crop loss

This is a piece of good news for farmers of cotton that the CM of Haryana has twitted to provide the crop loss of cotton growing farmers. Here you can see the CM twitted. 
cotton crop loss haryana

This twitted by CMO Haryana on 7 Sept 2020. And said that all the farmers will be covered which is under Pardhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana.

This type of twitted by CM will help the crop loss of cotton growing farmers but we have seen the ground report which is sent by the govt officers at the ground level in which they show the crop loss is only 10 percent. But the reality is different where the crop loss is more than 50 percent in production. 

If we can compare and assume the compensation which is near to zero because the crop insurance company will provide the fund only those farmers who have damaged more than 30 percent in production. If we see the report of govt offers than we can say the report is not made by checking the field from visiting the field they had made a report by themself or check the crop from outside only. 

Here you can see the govt officers report of Hisar District. If this type of report is generated or prepared in different districts than we can say this will not good for farmers and it is a kind of joke with farmers.
Vantika tech

Let us see what will be the next step of govt and what is procedure and compensation will provide to farmers. If you have another district's report then you can share it with us in infovantikatech@gmail.com. But for now, we expect that farmers will get compensation for cotton crop loss according to Haryana State Govt.

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