Thursday 10 September 2020

Kisan Bachao Rally at Pipli( Haryana)

 A Kisan Bachao rally was organized at Pipli in Kurukshetra, for which farmer leaders from across the state had been running public relations campaigns for a long time. Not only this, the farmers had left their homes a day before to be a part of this rally, but the police stopped some farmers on the way. During this time, farmers were also detained in many places. While the farmers protested during this time, the police had to stick sticks on them


Farmers are opposing these three ordinances

The farmers of Haryana are strongly opposing the three agricultural ordinances of the central government. During this time, he also has the support of many state parties.

>> According to the law, earlier every merchant could buy the crop of the farmer only from the mandi. Now the merchant will be given the freedom to buy crops from outside the market under this law.

>> Cereals, pulses, edible oils, onions, potatoes, etc. have been removed from the Essential Commodities Act and its stock limit has been abolished.

>> Government is emphasizing on promoting contract making.

Kundu said he will continue to raise the voice of farmers

Maham MLA Balraj Kundu also supported the Kisan Bachao rally. They too were going to Pipli with their supporters today, but before that, the police took them into custody. During this time there was a lot of uproar between the police and Kundu supporters. After being taken into custody, Kundu said that he will keep raising the voice of the farmers, the government cannot suppress the farmers by adopting a repressive policy in this way.

The ordinances have called all-new ordinances made by the state government against them and farmers as a black law.

Farmers who are the backbone of the Indian economy and want his rights against ordinances and govt are applying strict law and beet them with the stick is not good and this is not acceptable for the farmers. 

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