Sunday 6 September 2020

Sowing of Kharif crops has reached a new record


Sowing of Kharif crops has reached a new record level of 1,095.38 lakh hectare so far in the current season

. This has been possible due to good rains and the timely availability of seeds, fertilizer, and other essential items for crops. The Ministry of Agriculture has given this information. Sowing of paddy is still in progress, while sowing of pulses, coarse cereals, millet, and oilseed crops is almost over.

The Agriculture Ministry said that the sowing data for the current Kharif season will be finalized on October 2. The previous record of Kharif sowing was achieved in the year 2016 when farmers sowed a Kharif crop on a total of 1,075.71 lakh hectares. The Kharif sowing starts from June with the arrival of the southwest monsoon and harvesting from October.

According to the ministry data, Kharif crops have been sown in a record area of ​​1,095.38 lakh hectares so far this season, compared to 1,030.32 lakh hectares in the year-ago period. It said that due to good rains and timely provision of essential commodities like seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, machinery, and loans, it has been possible to increase the area of ​​cultivation despite the epidemic situation.

As per the data, the total area under paddy has increased by 8.27 percent to 396.18 lakh hectare during the Kharif season compared to 365.92 lakh hectare last year. The area under sowing of pulses has increased by 4.67 percent to 136.79 lakh hectare from 130.68 lakh hectare, while the area under coarse cereals has increased by 1.77 percent to 179.36 lakh hectare from 176.85 lakh hectare. Similarly, the area under oilseeds so far has increased by 12 percent to 194.75 lakh hectares in the current Kharif season, from 174 lakh hectares earlier.

Among cash crops, the area under sugarcane has increased by 1.30 percent to 52.38 lakh hectare as compared to 51.71 lakh hectare in the same season last year, while the area under cotton sowing has increased by 3.24 percent to 128.95 lakh hectare from 124.90 lakh hectare. Was hectare. So far, there has been a nine percent increase in the total rainfall in the country.

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