Wednesday 16 September 2020

Tomar said ordinance will not affect MSP?

Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said on the three agricultural ordinances that they are not going to affect the MSP (minimum support price). MSP will remain as before. Purchase in Mandis will be as before. No changes have been made regarding Mandi and MSP. Farmers will not be allowed to face any kind of problem.

Tomar said this in conversation with BJP state president OP Dhankhar, Agriculture Minister JP Dalal, three MPs committee members, and farmer organizations. He said that the ordinances have been made keeping in mind the interests of the farmers. Along with the memorandum, he said about the suggestions and demands of the farmers that they will also include your suggestions in the law. Their demands will be seriously considered. The delegation included MP Brijendra Singh, Dharambir, and MP Naib Saini. The delegation made eight demands and suggestions in front of Narendra Singh Tomar through a memorandum on agricultural ordinances.

People who mislead farmers were exposed: Dhankar

After meeting the Union Agriculture Minister, BJP state president Om Prakash Dhankhar said that eight suggestions have been submitted by the farmers of the state regarding agriculture ordinances. He assured that the Modi government is working keeping the interests of farmers in mind. As before, farmers will be able to sell their crop on MSP, there is no tampering with MSP. Dhankar said that those who misled farmers on the three ordinances and the MSP were exposed today. Today the face of those who have been protesting by lying has come to the public. Some people oppose just and only by becoming pawns.

A new outcome or face of Tomar with farmers. If  Tomar agrees to buy the crop at the MSP level than it will be beneficial for the farmers as compared to the ordinance. But Haryana farmer leader Gurnaam Singh said they reach to meet the Tomar and they did not get any support from their side. He said we need more support from farmers to reach our voice to the central govt. And said we do not know who are farmers' leaders in that meeting and what kind of suggestion they want. 

Lets us see what will happen for farmers' ordinances.  We just want farmers to benefit, it from govt side or from farmers' leaders. Farmers are the backbone of the country and govt should take a favor for them. 

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