Wednesday 2 September 2020

Cotton crop damaged in Haryana

Damaged Cotton

In the cotton crop, 50 to 60 percent damage has been caused by whitefly, aphids, or wilt. Despite all this, the farmers are not being paid attention to the wasted agriculture crop. Farmers planted cotton crops instead of

other crops because earlier the weather condition is good. After the recent rains, the cotton crops were uprooted and whiteflies hit the ground. The farmers said that they had sprayed the lots of insecticides, despite this, the cotton crop was ruined. At first, farmers could not understand these diseases in cotton and now the farmers got thousands of rupees loss due to crop failure  

This 2020 year after affecting the different businesses now this is affecting farmers' crops too. Before some days we have seen that in many districts of Madhya Pradesh soybean crop is affected due to heavy rain. Soybean farmers were worried about the crop loss and demand compensation now due to low rain or deficient rainfall in Haryana in the month of August cotton crop is affected ad farmers were worried after investing so much money in cotton crop to control the whitefly. Cotton growing farmers in many villages of Hisar, Jind, Fatehabad, and Bhiwani district reports due to whitefly attack the crop is losing more than 70 percent in their areas. 

narma damage

In the month of august a good spell of rain in beginning in some villages of Hisar Barwala, Fatehabad, and Bhiwani. And now the different blocks of Hisar, Fatehabad, Jind, and Siwani the weather is hot and humid till now due to which pest infestation is increased and the cotton crop is damaged after applying different pesticides to control the pest.

narma me loss 2020
Damaged Leaf

The farmers of different villages from Hisar said the crop is damaged due to whitefly and the crop is turning in black. We are hoping the crop health will be fine if rain accumulation is there in the coming few days but we are just expecting because since the last three weeks we did not get any rain which can protect our crop from whitefly. Over 50 percent of the cotton crop is damaged in more than 20 villages of Hisar block and the same situation in other blocks also. 

The whitefly is in its initial stage and the color of the crop is turning black and the leaves have start yellowing and shrinking. The agriculture experts must reach te farmers' field to guide them to protect their crops and tell the proper chemicals or other methods to protect their crops from the current situation. If the crop will not recover the crop loss will increase in the coming 10 days and these days were very crucial for the crop. if no rains in the coming days the crop damaged will reach more than 50 percent neighboring areas.

narma me nuksan
Damaged cotton plant

The farmers were expecting a good yield before a month and they were happy to see their crop health. But from the last two weeks, their crop is going down and they were very worried about their loss and crop health. Due to pest infestation, the farmer's cost of input is increasing. Haryana Govt. should do a survey of the field and provide compensation to the farmers. 

Balwant Saharan( Deputy Director Agriculture) Hisar said that they were proving demonstration to farmers to protect the cotton crop. Also added they got complain about the crop loss and the process is under review. 

Former Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda demanding to provide compensation at least 30000 per acre to farmers who has cotton crop affected or destroyed due to wilt or whitefly. The govt should be ordered for Girdawari without further delay.

If govt will provide the compensation to the farmers that do not mean that they did not cause any loss, that means could not get more loss and the crop sowing to now when the crop is the mature stage the value of their inputs will be covered and they did not get any profit from Kharif season. If the govt did not provide any compensation they got triple loss first is from the crop insurance of crop which is more than 1600 Indian rupees, second, the inputs coast and the third is their labor or profit.

Let us wait and watch the govt work and decision on cotton damaged. Please submit your comment so that we know in which area the crop is more affected and your comment is very important to us which motivates us to write an article for the farmers. You can subscribe to us on Facebook and Youtube. 

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