Sunday 27 June 2021

Why Organic Farming is important?


Organic farming is being done in India since ancient times. Combined was very beneficial, which was very useful for the animal and the environment and this traditional farming has been done in India till independence, after the population explosion, there was pressure to increase production in the country, due to which the country moved towards chemical farming and Now its bad results are starting to appear as we have told.

Chemical farming reads harmful as well as very expensive, due to which the cost of crop production increases, for this now the country is again moving towards organic farming because organic farming farming method is cheaper, self-supporting and sustainable than chemical agriculture. Let us know what is organic farming and why farmers should do organic farming.

We all know very well that earthworms found in the land are very useful for humans. Earthworms found in the land eat the plant residues and organic matter studied in the field and convert them into small tablets, which acts as native manure for the plants. From this earthworm, manure can be prepared for several hectares in a small space in 2 months. To prepare this manure, earthworms, soil and weeds are needed, which are easily available.

Bioculture increases the digestion of plant residues lying in the soil, which increases the fertility of the soil and crop production capacity. is | Rhizobium is not found in the roots of the crop which is not a leguminous crop, which takes nitrogen from the atmosphere and fulfills its nutrients. What can be done to meet the need of nitrogen by using the root of pulse plants in other crops?

Due to the use of excessive chemical fertilizers and pesticides, the cost and diseases are increasing in agriculture. Organic farming will have to be adopted to reduce costs and prevent diseases. For this it is necessary that farmers need to make indigenous fertilizers instead of fertilizers and indigenous pesticides instead of chemical pesticides. For this, the farmer should come up with the method of making stand and pesticide.

The production of the crop depends on the amount of nutrients nitrogen, phosphorus and potash in the soil. When there is a shortage of nutrients in the soil, then they are given from outside. This nutrient is easily available in chemical, but due to the high cost, the production cost of the crop increases. For this organic manure should be used.

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