Wednesday 23 June 2021

Turmeric cultivation can become beneficial for farmers?

turmeric cultivation

Turmeric with innumerable benefits can become a means of earning by making your unusable land useful. By cultivating turmeric in a shady place, orchard, barn, farmers can earn four times their cost within seven-eight months. Turmeric crop can prove to be beneficial for the farmers suffering from the crisis due to loss in vegetables and other crops. 

Due to the increase in the demand of turmeric during the corona transition period, the trend of farmers is now moving towards turmeric. Farmers have increased the area under turmeric. Turmeric farming can prove to be beneficial for the troubled farmers due to not getting good price for paddy and wheat. Because during the Corona transition period, its demand has increased significantly in both domestic and international markets. 

Turmeric sowing time, seed rate, yield

The sowing time of turmeric is done from the second fortnight of April to the first week of July. 15 to 20 quintals of seeds are used per hectare. It gives 200 to 250 quintals per hectare. The distance from tree to tree should be one foot. For good yield, before July, 250-300 quintals per hectare of cow dung and 20 kg of cow dung are mixed well in the soil at the time of tillage.

Turmeric Producing States and Exports

According to APEDA (APEDA-Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority), Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Karnataka, West Bengal, Gujarat, Meghalaya and Maharashtra are its major producers. Most of it is exported to USA, UK, Iran and Bangladesh. According to the issue board, in 2018-19, 1,33,600 tonnes of turmeric was exported and India got Rs 1,41,616.00 lakh from it. In 2018-19, India produced 9,59,797 tonnes of turmeric in 2,53,406 hectares.

Indian Institute of Spices Research working under the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) in Kozhikode, Kerala, says Dr. Leejo Thomas, Senior Scientist working on Agri Economics here, “Turmeric export figures in 2020 are not yet It has come, but it is certain that due to the increase in the demand for immunity boosters in Corona, the export order has increased significantly.

Agriculture sector experts say that the demand for turmeric has increased from Middle East, USA, Bangladesh and Europe etc. for turmeric export in India. Whereas Malaysia, Iran, Dubai are exporters are signing new contracts.

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