Monday 14 June 2021

Soya Seed crises in Madhya Pradesh?

soybean update

In Madhya Pradesh, which is called soya state, the crisis of soybean seeds has deepened this year. Kharif season is on the head, sowing is about to start, but the farmer is looking for soybean seeds because in the last two-three years, the soybean crop has been ruined due to excessive rains, due to which there is a shortage of seeds with the farmers, on the other hand the government agencies have also raised their hands. Due to which private seed companies have become silver. Those who have seeds are selling 8 to 12 thousand quintals at throwaway prices, due to which black marketing of seeds is increasing. To stop this, the government will have to take strict steps, otherwise the farmer will keep looking for soybean seeds.

In the current Kharif, the government has made 63 lakh 74 thousand ha. The target has been set to sow soybeans in the area. Whereas last year about 65 lakhs. Soybean was sown in India and the production was 48 lakh tones. The seed replacement rate in the state is about 32%, according to this, farmers in an area of ​​about 20 lakh hectares will need to replace the seeds. For this, about 16 lakh quintals of seed will be required, from where it will come, this question is worth considering. 

According to sources, there is availability of about 12 lakh quintals of soybean seed in the state but the demand is high which is not possible to meet. Although on the instructions of the Agriculture Minister regarding black marketing of soybean seeds, some companies have been suspended and some officials have been suspended, while on the other hand some companies have also accused the Agriculture Department that they have become a mafia in the private sector. is also appearing.

Promotion of other crops

The stock of soybean seeds has increased to such an extent that according to experts, there are many in the state. The acreage may remain empty. For the first time, the shortage of soybean seeds has arisen in the state. The root cause behind this is the impact of the germination capacity of soybean in the last two years. In view of this, there was already an apprehension that it would not be easy to get soybean seeds available in the current Kharif season. 

The same situation prevailed. Madhya Pradesh, the only state supplying soybean in the country, is exploring ways to meet the demand for seeds in the current Kharif season. Officials have acknowledged that the seed shortage has reached alarming levels and the only way to tide over the crisis at the moment is to encourage farmers to increase the area under other kharif crops.

Bhopal's Joint Director Shri B. L. Bilaiya says that 70 thousand quintal soybean seeds are available in the division and the target is to sow soybean in 12 lakh hectare. This year special attention is being paid to reduce the area of ​​soybean in the division. Farmers have been advised to switch to other crops like maize, tur, sesame, jowar. If soybean is to be sown, then do germination test and sow only after seed treatment. This time there is a total of 18 lakhs in the division. The target has been set to take Kharif crop.

lack of seed germination

Most of the farmers of the state are dependent on cooperative societies for seeds. At the same time, the situation regarding seed storage in societies is currently turbulent. Officials of the Agriculture Department say that the soybean seed has been damaged due to excessive rainfall from the previous seasons.

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