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Soybean farmer's hope increased due to sesame price?

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The weather pattern is like monsoon. In the first fortnight of June, more than 45 mm of rain brought much relief to the farmers. Along with plowing the fields, preparations are going on for planting paddy nursery.

This time farmers are sowing oilseeds crop in Kharif season due to good price of oilseeds to the farmers

. Soybean is being sown in soybean producing states including Madhya Pradesh. It is expected that the area under soyabean may increase by 10 per cent in Kharif season. Let us inform that this time farmers have got good prices in the market of mustard and soybean. At the same time, the central government has also fixed the minimum support price (MSP) of soybean at Rs 3,950 per quintal for the Kharif marketing season of 2021-22 and farmers will also benefit from selling soybean crop at MSP.

 This time we can also assume that there will be a bumper increase in the yield especially for oilseed crops. According to the agriculture ministry oilseeds production can see an increase of more than 33 lakh 46 thousand tonnes  for this year. If we talk about the oilseed production estimation which is 3 crore 65 lakh 65 thousand tonnes and in last year it was 3 crore 32 lakh 19 thousand tonnes.

This time due to good price of oilseeds, farmers are turning towards soybean cultivation. According to estimates, the kharif soybean yield across the country can be more than 1 crore 34 lakh 14 thousand tonnes, which was 1 crore 12 thousand tonnes during the same period last year. At the same time, rising edible oil prices are being considered as one of the reasons for the increase in the area under oilseed crops. In the last one year, the price of edible oil has increased drastically. That means the farmers have got a good price for oilseeds crops and in current season they will sow haviely in kharif.

Soybean acreage in the country may increase by 10 per cent this Kharif season. This is expected to result in record production of soybean in the country. Another banifit which is for country to save funds from costly imports of edible oils. This estimate has been released by Indore-based Soyabean Processors Association of India (SOPA) during the current Kharif season. 

According to SOPA, the national area under soybean is estimated to increase by 10 percent to be around 132 lakh hectares. It found that during the last year soybean was sown in around 120 lakh hectares in our country, where the yield was 105 lakh tons and according to third estimation of kharif  is more than last year which is 1 crore and 44 lakhs tons which was 1 crore and 12 thousand tonnes during same period.

India produces 12 million tonnes of soybean. It is a Kharif crop in India. Madhya Pradesh is the leading producer of soybean in India, which contributes 49.93 percent to the total soybean production in India. Maharashtra contributes 34.09 percent and Rajasthan 11.85 percent. There is a Soyabean Research Center at Indore in Madhya Pradesh. America produces 60 percent of the world's soybeans.

Soybean is considered an oilseed crop instead of pulses. Soybean is a pulse crop, it is also called meat for vegetarian humans because it contains a lot of protein. Its botanical name is Glycine max. It is a versatile food item for health. Soybeans are an important food source. Its main components are proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Soyabean contains 38-40 percent protein, 22 percent oil, 21 percent carbohydrate, 12 percent moisture and 5 percent ash.

Soybean's latest prices in major mandis

The new price of soya is running around Rs 5300 to Rs 5800 per quintal in Chhatarpur Grain Market. The price of soybean is running at Rs 6700 per quintal in Latur Potli Mandi. In Alirajpur Krishi Mandi, the live rate of soya is running from Rs 6500 to Rs 7000 per quintal. The price of soya in Jobat, Akola, Rajkot mandi is around Rs 6575 to Rs 7000 per quintal. The rate of soybean in Rajkot mandi is running between Rs 6000 to 7000. In Junagadh mandi, the price of soybean is running from Rs 7000 to Rs 7500 per quintal. The market price of soybean in Dahod is running from Rs.6800 to Rs.7000 per quintal.

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