Monday 21 June 2021

Crop will be ready 10 days before transplanting paddy with DSR machine?


Crop will be ready 10 days before transplanting paddy with DSR machine

Farmers across the country have started preparations for planting paddy. Most of the farmers in our country give priority to the cultivation of paddy.

In this episode, the Haryana government has given an important advice to the farmers of its state.

The Haryana Government has told the farmers about a special machine, through which farmers can save water while doing paddy cultivation. It has been named as DSR Machine (Direct Seeder Rice). Farmers are being advised to plant paddy with this machine. Let us give you information about this machine.

Paddy Cultivation by this machine saves a lot of water, while the crop also gets ready for ripening about 10 days in advance. Generally, farmers start planting seedlings by traditional method from about 15th June in the season of Paddy Crop. In this method, planting is done by filling the field with water. Even after this, water has to be maintained in the field. Due to the high temperature, evaporation of water takes place in a very large amount, as well as it takes more effort.

Farmers can do direct sowing of paddy by DSR machine to save ground water, labor and time. Before using this machine, it is necessary to level the field by laser leveler. By this or after the sowing of direct seed successfully can be done in water soaked condition. Let us tell that 15 to 20 percent water is saved in sowing by this method. 

Paddy should not be sown in sandy lands with this machine. Farmers should sow only those fields in which paddy is already being cultivated. By direct sowing of paddy, where on one hand the yield is equal to that of paddy planted by transplanting, on the other hand the crop gets ready after 7 to 10 days before. Due to this, time is available for handling paddy straw, as well as more time is available for sowing wheat and vegetables. The special thing is that the farmers who want to leave the cultivation of paddy and do the cultivation of maize, they can sow maize on the bunds by the table planter. In this way more water is saved.

Grants are being made available on the purchase of these two agricultural machinery. This grant is being received by the Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare. Explain that the department books the DSR machine on 'first come-first served' basis. Along with this, maize sowing machine is available for free. For this, farmers will have to submit their Aadhar-card to the office. After this, you can take advantage of the machines.

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