Monday 7 June 2021

Now Greenery on the side of the railway track?

railway track

In the next five years, the side of the railway track will become green. This will give a feeling of greenery to the passengers traveling in the train. The work of planting saplings was started by the Railways two years ago, which is being expanded this time also. Work is being done to plant saplings on both sides of the railway track in Bhopal Railway Division. 

Two years ago, the work of developing a mini park in the railway gate area was started, in which the saplings planted have grown. Mini parks have been prepared around each railway gate area of ​​the division. Plants planted in most parts are also getting bigger. Now the plan is to plant saplings on the vacant land on the side of the railway track. Emphasis is being laid on planting shady and flowering plants. Thousands of saplings have been planted between Bina and Bhopal. Planting flowering plants along the railway track between Vidisha and Salamatpur has attracted the attention of passengers. Plants have also been planted between Habibganj to Barkheda.

Till now there was no greenery along the railway track

Except for the railway track passing through dense forest, there was no greenery along the track in the rest of the parts. Its level has increased in the last two years. In the coming two years, the planted saplings will start taking the shape of a tree. Then the level of greenery will increase further and passengers traveling by train will feel like passing through the forest. The railways are planting saplings in that part of the track where no construction activity is proposed to be done in the coming years. Plants are not being planted in the areas where construction related plans are under consideration.

A railway official said that the greenery on the side of the railway track passing inside the forest is made on sight. The mind of the passengers feels at ease. Travelers want a similar greenery experience along the entire railway track. Keeping this in mind, emphasis is being laid on planting saplings to increase the level of greenery. There are instructions not to plant big like Peepal, Banyan at all. When these plants become trees, they cover a very large area. In this way, there can be inconvenience in rail movement, so shady plants of species like neem, gulmohar, shisham, safflower are being planted.

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